Bill & Wanda Lyon, married now for almost 40 years, opened the doors of the machine shop in 1987.  Bill is a precision machinist having experience in every aspect of the manufacturing process for over 50 years.  He has worked for major companies such as National Oil where he was the General Supervisor over Manufacturing which included the management of 14 subordinate supervisors as well as 900 machinists, welders and parts makers, and he was also a trainer for employees with respect to machining skills such as mathematical calculations and the use and reading of precision instruments and blueprints.

In 2003, Bill decided to add to his machining and production capabilities by adding the WaterJet machine to his shop, thus the birth of San Marcos WaterJet.  Bill is impressed with the capabilities of WaterJet cutting and is pleased that he can offer both WaterJet Cutting and Machine services to his customers thereby streamlining the production process.

Wanda's specialty, besides keeping Bill in-line, is sharpening cutters and every kind of scissors.

Scott has been with Bill & Wanda for two years and has an extensive background in industrial instrumentation and engineering. He has 10 years of CNC experience and has created literally thousands of various parts using CNC technology.

Tammy has worked with Bill & Wanda for ten years and helps them with their bookkeeping.


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