WaterJet cutting uses a water and abrasive mixture along with 55,000 psi to cut a wide array of materials.  Tolerance of +/- .030 to +/- .010 enable us to customize your parts based on the needs of each customer from very precision cuts to perhaps a rougher cut to allow for additional machining of parts or even welding, since WaterJet cutting does not change the properties of any material it cuts, unlike other cutting methods.

We stock a variety of stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum in thicknesses from 16 Gauge up to 3/4", and if we don't have it; we can get it; or you are welcome to supply your own material.  You can always be assured that any excess material you provide will be returned or stored for your future cutting needs.  Our table can accommodate 48" x 96" material pieces.


Materials Ideal for WaterJet Cutting
- Generally machines at twice the speed of mild or stainless.  Very cost effective.

Stone - Stone tiles are machined easily and allow for unique pattern designs.

Copper - Impossible to cut on a laser due to reflection.  WaterJet is the ideal cutting method.

Hardened Tool Steel - You can harden the steel before or after cutting without the risk of thermal distortion.

Rubber - Some rubber can be cut with water-only for faster and cleaner cutting

Stainless Steel - Stainless steel, even 304 machines easily without heat or distortion.

Steel - Smooth cut on the edge without burn marks, cracking, excess burr, or other problems as with heat cutting.

Other Materials - Brass, Bronze, PVC, Delrin, Lexan, Glass, and many others

Who uses WaterJet Cutting?
• Sign Companies • Water Parks
• Metal Fabricators • Machine Shops • Architects • Artists
• Gate Companies • Home Builders • Floor Companies
...How about your company?

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